University Logo Guidelines

The use of official logos is permitted when the conditions described in both of the following sections are met. If you have any questions about official logo usage, please contact Public Relations at kouhou[at]

Scope of Usage

Please note that Hokkaido University (hereafter ‘the university’) reserves the right to withhold permissions to use official logos depending on the manner of use. The scope of usage is as follows:

  • Documents, printed literature and websites published by the university.
  • Items including business cards, envelopes, letter paper and templates used by employees and students of the university for the purpose of school affairs and education and research activities
  • Merchandise recognized and developed by the university such as stationery.
  • Uniforms and equipment for extracurricular activities used by student groups that are recognized by the university.
  • Other items approved by the President of the university

Who Can Use Official Logos?

  • Employees and students of the university
  • Student groups recognized by the university
  • Other parties approved by the President of the university

Distribution of Data

Updated on   October 16, 2020