Research Highlight

Research Highlight | June 01, 2017
Spotlight on Research: The world is our oyster – unearthing a new parasite in shellfish
Research Highlight | April 25, 2017
Spotlight on Research: Glaciers are sensitive and complicated creatures
Research Highlight | April 11, 2017
Spotlight on Research: A step towards preserving the Ainu language
Research Highlight | December 28, 2016
Hokkaido U. an important hub for research into indigenous peoples
Research Highlight | December 27, 2016
The challenges of indigenous archeology
Research Highlight | December 26, 2016
Further research, museum, park, augur well for increased understanding of Ainu people, culture
Research Highlight | December 20, 2016
Law, the Ainu, and changing perceptions
Research Highlight | May 30, 2016
DOST tie-up first step toward realizing Philippines’ satellite dream
Research Highlight | May 09, 2016
Teamwork helps dated microsatellite tech yield maximum effects
Research Highlight | April 26, 2016
Hokkaido U professor sees bigger future for microsatellites