Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO,” a new birthplace for connections and innovations

University News | October 16, 2023

Communication and collaborations are key aspects for advancing innovations. The newly opened Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO” promotes exchanges between Hokkaido University’s members and with stakeholders from within and outside the University. The facilities are open for registered members.

The facade of Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO” building.

The Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO” is located inside the Sapporo Campus area of Hokkaido University at North 11, West 8, North Ward. (Photo by Miho Nagao)

Between Ono Pond and the Chuo Cafeteria at Sapporo Campus, right across the Campus’ Seicomart, a two-story white building is standing. The ground floor is extended towards the main street. Previously known as Faculty House Trillium (Enreiso), this building formerly functioned as a faculty meeting place and a restaurant among others until its closure in March 2020 for reconstruction. On October 2, 2023, the building was reborn as Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO”.

Hokkaido University resolved to play an active role in positive social changes on both regional and global scales. To achieve this resolution a place dedicated to knowledge exchange was opened. Located in the heart of Sapporo Campus, the Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO” makes a convenient meeting place between local businesses and the people inside the campus that can increase the potential of academia-industry-government start-ups creations. The Hub also will serve as an effective base for disseminating the University’s information and communicating with a larger scope of audience.

Photo by SAKAI Koji

Photo by SAKAI Koji

The entire building facilitates the users’ needs for (co)working: meeting rooms, high-speed network connections, presentation lounges and equipment. The interior design and fixtures were handled by a team led by Professor Tsuyoshi Setoguchi (School of Engineering). The building is imbued with Hokkaido’s local touch as reflected in the building’s details. Without reducing any usability, the installed furniture puts the users’ comfort first and foremost. 

An interior look of the antique conference room. A rounded-rectangle-shaped conference table is sitting in the middle surrounded by conference chairs. On the left-side wall there is  a stained glass window portraying Trilliums.

One of the meeting rooms on the “ENREISO” ‘s second floor. The meeting rooms preserved the former faculty house’s antique vibe. (Photo by Miho Nagao)

Towards the 150th anniversary of the University’s founding, the 150th anniversary communication studio “ENLIGHT,” a special coworking space is installed on the ground floor’s south wing. This space will function as a center for dissemination of information pertaining to the 150th anniversary. A projection mapping will also be displayed at events to be held at this space to showcase the University’s long-running history, visions and missions, and characteristics.

Registration is required to use any of the facilities in the Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO.” Until December 2023, the entire facility is free of charge for all registered users. External registered users who are not university-level students will be charged for fees from January 2024. 

A person is standing in the middle of a three-wall projection room. The projection is displaying keywords in both English and Japanese on Hokkaido University's actions and visions.

A special corner introducing Hokkaido University’s road to its 150th anniversary (Photo by Miho Nagao)

ENREISO’s official web page:

Written by Aprilia Agatha Gunawan