Calling for Public Relations Student Interns (Application deadline: July 8, 2024)

University News | June 26, 2024

The Public Relations and Communication Division of Hokkaido University has been accepting Public Relations Student Interns for the purpose of disseminating information from the students’ perspective and developing public relations personnel. Currently, the division is accepting Science Writing Interns, Digital Media Interns, and 150th Anniversary Interns.

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The science writing intern Krishna (right) interviewing a researcher

Krishna (D1, Graduate School of Environmental Science) finished her 6-month science writing internship on June 11, 2024. Reflecting upon her internship experience, Krishna gave her comments: 

“I loved every bit of the internship. Each project taught me something new, from asking the right questions to accurately conveying scientific information without altering its meaning, to simplifying complex concepts for a broader audience. This approach to understanding and communicating science is something I will carry forward in my career.

The experience enriched my understanding of science communication and reinforced the idea that there is a vast community of researchers eager to share their knowledge and collaborate. I gained a deeper understanding of the press release process and its importance in generating attention, discussions, and connections among researchers. I’m grateful for the supportive environment and feedback that helped me improve and feel confident with each article.

It’s a fantastic platform for students to learn about science communication and simplifying complex topics for the larger public.”

Krishna (front row, second from right) and the Public Relations and Communication Division team

Krishna helped prepare two research press releases. She also went to interview one of our researchers and made an article based on the interview which you can find below:


The Science Writing Interns cover research activities while Digital Media Interns cover a wider range of activities taking place at the University. This time, we are also looking for “150th Anniversary Intern(s)” who will cover the University’s 150th anniversary-related projects and events, as well as its history and vision. Hokkaido University students interested in these programs are encouraged to apply by July 8, 2024.


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