Hokkaido University and Seoul National University Collaborations

Hokkaido University (HU) and Seoul National University (SNU) have jointly held an academic symposium every year on a reciprocal basis since 1998 to commemorate the conclusion of an Inter-University Exchange Agreement between the two establishments in 1997. The joint symposium collaborations have been expanded to the joint field trips to the Universities’ Research Forests which are designed for undergraduate students in forestry (since 2015), administrative/specialised staff exchange programme (since 2017), and other university-wide activities. The upcoming 26th HU-SNU Joint Symposium will be held in HU on 1-2 November 2023. The details will be uploaded on the official website.

  • Recent Symposia

     – The 25th SNU-HU Joint Symposium (10-11 November 2022, SNU)

Funded Satellite Sessions for FY 2022

Selected Satellite Sessions for FY 2022
HU Chair SNU Chair
Changing Climate and Environment in East Asia
A/Prof Yoshinori Sasaki (online) and Prof Shoshiro Minobe (onsite), Faculty of Science
Dr Hanna Na, College of Natural Sciences

Collaborative Forest Science Education and Research in the Post-pandemic

Prof Masato Shibuya (online), Research Faculty of Agriculture and A/Prof Makoto Kobayashi (onsite), Field Science Centre for Northern Biosphere

Prof Chang-Yong Choi, Department of Forest Sciences
New Frontiers in Convergence Science and Technology
Prof Hiroshi Hirata, Faculty of Information Science and Technology
A/Prof Dongsuk Jeon, Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology
Joint Symposium in the Fields of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Prof Nobuyuki Oshima, Faculty of Engineering
Prof Kwanjung Yee, College of Engineering
The 11th Joint Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering: Recent Advances in Materials Science and Engineering
Prof Naoyuki Hashimoto, Faculty of Engineering
Prof Myoung-Gyu Lee, College of Engineering

     – The 24th HU-SNU Joint Symposium (4-5 November 2021, online)

     – The 23rd HU-SNU Joint Symposium (5-6 November 2020, online)

     *More on the previous events here.

  • Staff Exchange Programme
Dates HU Participants SNU Participants
14-15 (at HU) and 17-18 November 2022 (at SNU)
Yuya Ito, Specialised Technical Staff, HU Research Forest
Kim Sollee, Manager, University Forests
Yosuke Sato, Specialised Technical Staff, Institute of Low Temperature Science
Kim Jaejun, Manager, Nambu University Forest
5 November 2021 (online)
4 staff members from HU Library

4 staff members from SNU Library

21 staff members from Research Forests
20 staff members from University Forests

5 staff members from Centre for Teaching & Learning; Technical Support Office; Global Facility Centre; International Affairs Dept.; Institute for International Collaboration

4 staff members from Centre for Teaching & Learning; Office of International Affairs
1-20 November 2019 (at SNU)

Fumihiro Tsuiki, Admin. Staff, General Affairs & Planning Dept.


Natsuki Tsuji, Admin. Staff, Admin. Office of Dental Medicine

8-11 November 2018 (at HU)
Younghee No, Director (Strategic Planning & International Cooperation), Office of International Affairs
Hyunjin Jo, Manager, Office of International Affairs

(Also, Margherita Zuliani, Admin. Assist. in HR, Technical Admin. Staff Office, Ca’Foscari University of Venice)

13-17 November 2017 (at SNU)

Taena Uemura, Project Coordinator, International Affairs Dept.

Sotaro Ishihara, Sen. Admin. Staff, International Affairs Dept.

  • Other Visits

     – SNU President Se-Jung Oh’s visit to HU (2 June 2022)

     – SNU News visit to HU (2 February 2018)

     – SNU Graduate School of Public Administration (29 May 2018)

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