Hokkaido University is first Japanese University ever to respond to the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire

University News | December 13, 2022

Hokkaido University submitted a response to the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire 2022 on managing environmental impacts earlier this year, and it is now the first Japanese university ever to receive the score.

The CDP Discloser Badge 2022, indicating that Hokkaido University has disclosed its climate change impacts in 2022.

The Questionnaire is requested by investors or customers of a company, and is a way for companies to self-report their environmental impacts on climate change, forests, and water security. Hokkaido University is one of just three universities to disclose this year. The scores were released on December 13, 2022, and Hokkaido University’s level this year is Management (B Score). 

Hokkaido University is striving for carbon neutrality not only as an academic institution but also as a management entity, so we have voluntarily responded to the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire 2022 this year. Disclosing our environmental impact is fully in line with the ideals and goals of Hokkaido University. Our response to the questionnaire has revealed how we can further improve our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality.

Hokkaido University President Kiyohiro Houkin commented, “Through responding to this questionnaire for the first time, we have come to understand the various issues that we have to struggle with. As a Japanese national university, we would like to take this opportunity to strengthen our efforts to decarbonize, not only in research and education, but also as a business institution in the same way as a company. From the standpoint of university management on ESG evaluation, it is also very significant to disclose our information on decarbonization so that our stakeholders and community can evaluate us by using global indicators such as CDP questionnaires.”

A photo of the Historical Entomology and Sericulture Classroom in Hokkaido University.

In 1997, Hokkaido University became the first university in Japan to establish a Campus Master Plan as a basic plan for the development of university facilities. The Campus Master Plan 2006, which succeeded that in 1997, aimed to maintain the campus environment, including sustainable campus development, not simply a “low environmental impact” campus. 

We also aim to support the wellbeing of society from multiple perspectives, implementing campus development in harmony with the surrounding community. In addition, we are engaged in several initiatives through domestic and international inter-university engagement on climate change, including the International Universities Climate Alliance (IUCA) and University Coalition for Carbon Neutrality in Japan.

Michiyo Morisawa, Director, CDP Worldwide-Japan, said, “We are facing abnormal weather events caused by climate change more frequently every year. The measurement of such environmental risk and its disclosure is a necessity to manage the risks and drive actions. I salute Hokkaido University for being the first university in Japan to promote disclosure through CDP’s global disclosure platform. Achieving carbon neutrality is the common challenge for all human beings—and it is required of all sectors, not only governments and corporations. Educational and research institutions, including universities, are also expected to play very significant roles in this endeavor. Hokkaido University’s disclosure on their climate change impacts will be an important step forward in expanding climate change efforts in Japan.”

CDP is a global non-profit that runs the world’s environmental disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions. It utilizes capital markets and corporate procurement to motivate companies to disclose their environmental impacts, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. Nearly 20,000 organizations around the world—and more than 1,700 organizations in Japan—disclosed data through CDP in 2022, including more than 18,700 companies, and over 1,100 cities, states and regions. These datasets are analyzed by CDP for institutional investors, ESG research organizations, and global initiatives such as Climate Action 100+ or Race to Zero. They are also used for climate ratings for exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

Please refer to the Hokkaido University Integrated Report 2022 (also available in Japanese) for more information on the university’s vision.


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