Reservation for the COVID-19 In-House Vaccination Program (3rd dose)

University News | April 25, 2022

The information regarding the vaccination program has been updated on May 24, 2022.

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To all students, faculty and staff members,

Reservation for the University’s COVID-19 In-House Vaccination Program (3rd dose) opens from 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Please access the Appointment Scheduling System (V-CHAT) available on the University’s vaccination program website (see below) to schedule your appointment. Those who are scheduling an appointment for vaccination are requested to carefully read the information posted on the special site before receiving the vaccination.

1Program Summary

(1) Program Period:

Friday, April 29 through Sunday, June 12, 2022

(2) Days and Hours:

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays (no weekdays) * 9:00 to 17:00

*Excludes Sunday, May 1 through Sunday, May 8th

 (3) Vaccination Site:

Clark Memorial Student Center (Kita 8 Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo)

(4) Vaccine Type Available:

Takeda/Moderna vaccines

(5) Eligibility

The following persons who have received the second dose of vaccination 7 months ago and more (or 6 months ago or more if the municipality where their certificate of residence is registered approves a booster shot 6 months or more after the date of the 2nd dose)

① The faculty, staff, students, and other approved personnel of Hokkaido University and Otaru University of Commerce who wish to receive vaccination in the in-house vaccination program

② Persons other than those listed in the above ① who regularly conduct educational and research activities on the University premises and wish to receive vaccination in the in-house vaccination program 

2. Process of Vaccination

Entry into the Site ⇒ Temperature Check・Sanitization ⇒ Check-In ⇒ Screening Questionnaire Checkpoint ⇒ Screening ⇒ Vaccine Administration ⇒ Vaccine Record Registration ⇒ Observation after Vaccination ⇒ Collection of Screening Questionnaire ⇒ Exit

3. Appointments

Appointments becomes available to book via the Vaccination Appointment Scheduling System, “V-CHAT”, starting on April 19th. We informed you via desknets Neo and ELMS.

“V-CHAT” Website

COVID-19 In-House Vaccination Program Website

4. What to Bring on the Day of Your Appointment (required)

(1) Vaccination Ticket (includes a Vaccination Ticket combined with a screening questionnaire)

You will not be able to get vaccinated without the Vaccination Ticket issued by the municipality where your certificate of residence is registered as of the day of your appointment. You MUST bring your Vaccination Ticket.

(2) Screening Questionnaire

Complete the Screening Questionnaire mailed with your Vaccination Ticket in advance and bring it to your appointment. Enter your “Appointment Number” (see Appendix 2), which is required when logging in to V-CHAT, in the upper right corner of the Screening Questionnaire.

(3) Proof of your ID (Employee ID Card for employees, Student ID Card for students, diver’s license, health insurance card, My Number Card, or other employee ID card, etc. for others)

(4) Proof of document for your 1st and 2nd doses

Bring the Record of Vaccination or Certificate of Vaccination issued by the institution where you have received your 1st and 2nd doses (the University, medical institution, etc.). However, it is not required if the dates of your 1st and 2nd doses are listed on your Vaccination Ticket.

5. Check-In at the Vaccination Site

(1) Present your Vaccination Ticket and Screening Questionnaire at the entrance of the site.

(2) At the check-in desk, present all documents listed in the above 4, “What to Bring on the Day of Your Appointment”.

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