Want to Remain in Japan?

If you graduate from a regular full-time program and want to keep residing in Japan while searching for a job here, you may change your visa status to a “Designated Activities” visa. This visa allows you to stay for an additional six months after which you can once again apply for another six-month extension (effectively permitting you to remain in Japan for a further one year after graduating).


Required Documents for a “Designated Activities” Visa:

  • Application for Change of Status of Residence
  • Passport
  • Residence Card (or Alien registration card if still valid)
  • Documents certifying that you can defray all the expenses incurred during the stay in Japan such as bank statements etc.
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Recommendation from the university. Please ask at the Academic Affairs section of your department
  • Documents certifying that you are job-hunting – these can be emails from prospective employers concerning interview arrangements, etc.
  • Payment in the form of a revenue stamp purchased at the Immigration Bureau and pasted on a “Certificate for Payment of Fee” form.
  • Notification of the accepting organization

Please note:

  • You must apply in person
  • This visa is only for full degree students graduating from Hokkaido University. Non-Degree students (e.g. exchange students, research students, etc.) are not eligible to apply.

Updated on   May 01, 2017