Procedures for Departure

Please refer to this list to ensure your transition from Hokkaido to your home country is as smooth as possible.

  • Complete all academic procedures at the Academic Affairs section of your department.
  • Apply for transcripts and other certificates at the Academic Affairs section of your department well in advance.
  • Contact your landlord/management company and complete the necessary procedures to vacate your apartment/dormitory at least one month prior to your departure date.
  • Clean your room thoroughly and take away your belongings from the room. When you dispose of furniture or belongings, abide by the Japanese rules of garbage disposal.
  • Cancel your water, electricity and gas contracts, and pay any remaining fees.
  • Submit a notification of moving out at your local post office.
  • Return any books you borrowed to our libraries.
  • Cancel your national health insurance and complete the payment of the premium.
  • Submit a “notification of moving out” at your local ward office.
  • Cancel your mobile phone contract and pay any remaining fees.
  • Have your accommodation inspected by your landlord and pay all remaining rent.
  • Submit the “Notification of the Accepting Organization” document at the Immigration Bureau.
  • Hand in your Residence Card at the airport.

Updated on   October 04, 2019