Support System

Are you a little bit worried about your first couple of days in a new environment? Our Supporter System is a buddy to buddy type program which sets you up with a fellow student for guidance and support after you arrive, and is particularly aimed at international students coming to Japan for the very first time. Click here for more information.


Support Desk

Once you arrive in Japan, there are quite a few documents and procedures that need to be filled in correctly. If you require assistance, the Institute for International Collaboration provides a support desk staffed by international students who can answer your questions. If, for example, you have trouble reading Japanese documents, do not understand any of the procedures at the ward office, or just want to know where to go shopping, please feel free to talk to our multilingual staff. Click here for more information.


Student Groups

Joining student social groups such as HUISA and SACLA is a great way to make friends and have fun while studying at Hokkaido University. Social events vary from group to group but include international food festivals, trips away exploring the nature of Hokkaido, and sporting events. Once you arrive, we recommend you sign up! For more information, click here.

Updated on   October 10, 2019