Supporter System

Are you a little bit worried about your first couple of days in a new environment? Our Supporter System is a buddy program which sets you up with a fellow student for guidance and support after you arrive. It is particularly aimed at international students coming to Japan for the very first time.

To get yourself a ‘supporter’ all you have to do is ask the Academic Affairs division of the department you plan to enter. Your supporter will help you adjust to your new life in Hokkaido and will also help you access any relevant information and resources you need. You will be in contact with your supporter before you arrive so that you can ask any questions you may have about life in Hokkaido. You can count on them to help you with understanding the local transport, tell you where the good supermarkets are, help you at the post office, bank, clinic or hospital, or even help you with a little bit of Japanese.


Initial type of support provided

  • Assistance with procedures at your local ward or city office to keep your records up to date on your place of residence, obtain National Health Insurance, They will also help you open a bank account.

The checklist below is designed to give you an idea about the things you will have to address upon your arrival or shortly after. 

  • Register for a university dormitory or look for an apartment
  • Submit a “notification of moving in” to the municipal/ward office
  • Obtain national health insurance at the municipal/ward Office
  • Open a bank account
  • Complete all entrance procedures at your department
  • Apply for Japanese language courses (availability is limited)
  • If you do not have one: search for a scholarship
  • Go to orientation
  • If enrolled at our Sapporo Campus: visit the Student Communication Station (former Institute for International Collaboration)
  • Learn the basic rules for living in Sapporo/Hakodate (e.g. how to dispose of garbage)
  • Check the location and operating hours of your local hospital and clinic

Updated on   July 21, 2023