Avoiding Cults

What is a cult?

Cults are groups that, when attempting to recruit followers, try to cause mental distress in order to gradually separate potential recruits from society and act on the basis of the cult’s theories. Once you become involved in a cult, you will soon become a victim of manipulation and mind control, where you will have the false sense that you are making your own decisions.

Cults have been known to recruit followers on Sapporo Campus. Cult followers will often engage in conversation with you when you are sitting or walking alone. They will be friendly and say, “Why don’t you join us in thinking about the purpose of your life?” “Let’s have lunch together.”, etc. Often times they will attempt to take you somewhere else. They won’t mention religion at first and instead try to discuss sports, music, or offer you a meal. After getting closer to you and making it more difficult for you to refuse to see them again, they will start to talk about things related to their religion. Of course, a person in a cult will never state they are a part of a cult. They also won’t tell you the name of their organization.  

How to protect yourself

Ask the recruiter his or her name, what year, faculty and department he or she is in, what the name of his or her organization is, what its purposes are and what expenses are required. They will often give up if you ask them enough questions.

Never join immediately, even if you want to. Tell the recruiter that you want time to think it over. Don’t accept their offer even if they say that there will never be another opportunity if you miss out on this chance – and don’t feel uncomfortable if you run into the recruiter again on campus.

If you go to a cult meeting, leave by making a promise to visit again in the future, but don’t feel guilty about breaking it. The most important thing to remember is never to go back.

If they visit your home, tell them that you will call the police. If they refuse to leave, call the police immediately by dialing 110.

Updated on   April 26, 2017