International House Kita 8

Address: Kita 8-jo Nishi 11-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-0808

Building 1 (for couples) 12 rooms
Room size 43 m2
Facilities Modular bathroom, kitchen, gas heater, bed,chest of drawers, desk, chair, desk lamp,refrigerator, shoe box, curtains
Rent from:

¥ 37,000 per month (students)

¥ 41,000 per month (researchers)


Buildings 2, 4 (for singles, shared house [2 private rooms]) 56 rooms
Room size 8.64~ 12.8 m2
2 private rooms per unit (same sex)

Private room: heater, bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, desk lamp, curtains

Shared space: Modular bathroom, kitchen, gas burner, microwave, heater, refrigerator, washing machine, drier, vacuum cleaner, shoes box, curtains, table, chairs


¥27,300~¥28,600 per month (students)

¥33,000~¥35,000 per month (researchers)

Utility charges:

¥8,482 per month (building 2)
¥11,286 per month (building 4)

If the amount of your utility bills (electricity, gas, water, etc.) exceeds what we have received from you, we may ask you to pay the outstanding amount.  

Special information:
  • For Master’s, Doctoral and research students whose course is 1 year or longer and who are planning to engage in further study only
  • Japanese students on-site as resident assistants
A sample of private room (Layout may be changed)

A sample of a private room (Layout may be changed)

Buildings 3, 4 (for families) 20 rooms
Size: 64 m2
Facilities: Modular bathroom, kitchen, gas heater, bed, chest of drawers, desk, chair, desk lamp, refrigerator, shoe box, curtains

¥ 49,000 per month (students)

¥ 55,000 per month (researchers)


Building 5 (for singles, women only) 87 rooms
Room size 12.9 m2
Facilities: Closet, desk, bath, toilet, heater, kitchen, bed, optical fiber internet

¥ 29,000 per month (students)

¥ 38,000 per month (researchers)

Utility charges: ¥2,000~¥14,000 per month (utilities by individual contract)
Common area: Oguro lounge (conversation room), laundry

Updated on   July 23, 2018