Researcher’s Accommodation

We offer rooms for singles, couples and families across three different buildings for researchers from between one month and one year duration. All residences are located within walking distance from Sapporo Campus and offer lower rent than other private apartments. Each room comes equipped with fresh bedding and linen, as well as high speed internet access.

From June 2015, the researcher’s accommodations are handled by the HU Co-op.

For inquiries, please call ext.3282 (on campus), or +81-(0)11-776-6132.

For assistance in English, please e-mail: 

Those applying for a dormitory from October 1st, 2019 are required to pay a deposit of ¥50,000 during the first rent payment. This will be used for any unpaid fees (rent, lightning and heat expenses, etc.) and room damages. If you make all of your payments and no repairs are needed when you leave the dormitory, you will receive a full refund.

Updated on   September 25, 2019