Child Birth

If you and your spouse have a child in Japan, please be sure to follow the procedures outlined in the table below.

Process Detail

When your baby is born, you will need to register the birth at your local municipal/ward office within fourteen days. After you submit the birth notification to the municipal/ward office, a certificate of residence is issued to you. You will need the child’s birth certificate and your “Maternal and Child Health Handbook.”

  • The Childs’ Birth Certificate
  • Your ‘Maternal and Child Health Handbook’
Enrollment in National Health Insurance Enrollment can be completed when submitting the above notification of birth at your municipal/ward office.
Acquiring Status of Residence

If your newborn baby will stay in Japan for more than sixty days, you must apply for a residency permit at your local Immigration Bureau within thirty days of the birth. You will need the following documents:

  • The childs’ passport
  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility
  • Certificate of acceptance of the birth registration issued from your local municipal/ward office
  • Residency Cards of both parents
  • Passport of both parents
  • A photocopy of the Certificate of Residence or certificate of entry in the resident card
Passport Please ask the embassy/consulate of your country for details.

You may be eligible for the following assistance programs as well. Please contact your local municipal/ward office for further details.

Lump-Sum Birth Allowance

When a mother is covered under national health insurance, a lump-sum birth allowance is available.

Infant Medical Assistance Program

Reductions on medical expenses for children in preschool are available.

Child Allowance

Child allowances are available for children up until they graduate from junior high school.

Updated on   April 21, 2017