Regular Physical Check-up and Documentation

Hokkaido University provides a free physical checkup for regularly enrolled undergraduate and graduate students (auditors and credited auditors are not eligible). The physical examination is mandatory for all regular students. The timetable for these check-ups is listed on noticeboards within the Institute for International Collaboration.

General Physical Checkup for Students
Period April 2013
Place Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education (Kita 17 Nishi 8)
Content Internal medical checkup (including a hearing test), chest x-ray, blood pressure check, urine test, vision test, weight and height check.

If students complete all of the above medical examinations, they may receive the below documentation upon request.

Certificate of Medical Checkup

A Certificate of Medical Checkup (Kenkou Shindan Shomeisho) can be issued by the ACM (Automatic Certificate Machine) with your student ID card and pin number. This certificate can be used for job applications, scholarships, etc.

Health Certificate A Health Certificate (Kenkou Shindansho) may be issued by a doctor based on the results of a thorough physical checkup and examination. To receive this certificate, go the Health Care Center. You can receive the certificate on the same day.

Updated on   April 21, 2017