University CO-OP

The Hokkaido University Co-op is a nonprofit organization comprising of international students, graduate students, university staff and other registered members, and is set up to help you with your daily life on campus. You can purchase various items needed for your studies such as notepads, textbooks, stationery, laboratory white coats, CDs, magazines, snacks, electronic items and other daily necessities at the various Co-op stores located on campus. They also operate our on-campus cafeterias, which serve healthy and nutritious meals.  Finally, airplane and train tickets can be purchased at their one-stop service centers for domestic and international travel, and they also offer assistance in helping you find accommodation.

Whilst it costs you 5,000 yen to become a Co-op member, this amount will refund in full upon graduation or when you leave the university. Since you basically have nothing to lose, why hesitate? Join today!

Hokkaido University Co-op On-campus Services

Name of Facility

Main Co-op Building 1

Clark Memorial
Student Center
Chuo Co-op Chuo Hokubu Shokudo
Location      Next to Faculty House West of the North Library
Cafeteria   o o o
Take-away food o   o o
Stationary o   o o
Books o     o
Photocopier o o o o
Instant Photo Service o   o o
ATM (Hokuyo Bank)   o o o
ATM (Hokkaido Bank)       o
ATM (Yucho Bank) o     o
Travel Agency       o
Insurance Service   o    
“Room Guide”
(apartment placement assistance)

Updated on   April 18, 2017