Sporting Clubs

As sport can bring cultures together and overcome language barriers, you may find that if you join the following clubs you may not need fluency in Japanese due to the nature of the activity. A note of caution: these clubs are professional outfits and thus you will have a more satisfying experience if you already have mastered to some degree the sport you are interested in. These clubs are also renowned for having quite rigorous training regimes, often daily for several hours. Ensure that if you do join, it will not detriment your studies. 

American Football Club

Archery Club

Badminton Club
Basketball Club (men’s)

Basketball Club (women’s)
Baseball Club

Baseball Club (semi-hard ball)

Baseball Club (soft ball)

Boating Club

Boxing Club

Canoe Club

Curling Club

Field Hockey

Futsal Club

Golf Club
Gymnastics Club

Handball Club (men’s)

Handball Club (women’s)

Japanese Kenpo Club

Lacrosse Club (men’s)
Lacrosse Club (women’s)

Orienteering Club


Riders Club (motorcycle)

Rifle Club

Soccer Club

Softball Club

Squash Club

Sumo Club

Swimming Club

Table Tennis Club

Tennis Club

Tennis Club (soft-tennis)

Triathlon Club

Track and Field Club

Volleyball (men’s)

Volleyball (women’s)

Yacht Club

Ski and Winter Sports 

Alpine Skiing Club

Bobsleigh Club

Model Skiing Club

Ice Hockey Team

Skiing Race Club

Martial Arts 

Aikido (Takedaryu Nakamuraha)
Judo Club
Karate Club

Kendo Club
Shorinji-Kenpo Club
Taido Club


Cycling Club
Cycle Racing Team

Updated on   October 24, 2022