Keeping Informed

The Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education has taken a number of steps to keep our international students informed. They established the Student Support Desk, utilize the noticeboards throughout the building, and have set up a regular mailing list containing the latest information about events and other matters.

The most effective way we connect with our international students is through our bi-monthly newsletter — known as the HU International Student Newsletter.

The following information is included in every email, and is offered in both English and Japanese.

  • Event information for international students such as garage sales, cultural exchange events, and career seminars
  • Academic information such as how to apply for Japanese language courses, and how self-supported international students can register for scholarships
  • Important information regarding everyday matters including immigration procedures, housing and available services for international students
  • Disaster information
  • Requests to voluntarily participate in surveys
  • Competitions

This mailing system is for international students enrolled at Hokkaido University. Upon enrollment in April or October, you should be automatically registered. If you are not receiving these emails and are a current student, please fill out this excel file and send it to rmailreply[at] with the subject heading: “E-mail registration.” Generally, students begin receiving these emails one month after commencing their studies at Hokkaido University.

The International Student Support Desk (SD) is a peer support service where international students can feel free to ask any questions. If, for example, you have trouble reading Japanese documents, do not understand procedures at the ward office, or just want to know where to go shopping, please feel free to talk to our multilingual staff.

The SD is staffed by Hokkaido University students who speak Japanese and English (Chinese and other languages are also available depending on the staff). For details, please visit the website of the Hokkaido University Student Advice and Counseling Center (

Languages Japanese, English and other languages (depending on staff rotation e.g. Chinese, Russian, etc.)
Location 1st Floor, Student Communication Station
Hours Weekdays 12:00-16:00, except during the summer, end of the year, and New Year holidays. 


Contact supportdesk[at]

The lobby of the Student Communication Station(SCS) located on the first floor is the great place for students to relax and study. Here, you can find noticeboards, magazines, and other university materials.

Updated on   December 02, 2022