Garbage Disposal

Due to Japan having limited space for dealing with waste, you are required to dispose of your rubbish in a certain way, under strict city controls. It must be separated according to categories prior to being put out. You may also be required to place your rubbish at the collection point on certain days of the week depending on whether it’s burnable, non-burnable, glass, etc. Be sure to follow these very important rules and do your bit in keeping Japan clean. For detailed information on sorting rubbish and collection days, please see the City of Sapporo website.


Rate of Collection Garbage Bag Examples
Burnable waste Twice a week Designated Kitchen waste, cooking oil, soiled paper, clothing, etc.
Non-burnable waste Once a month Designated Metal products, glass, fluorescent lamps, etc.
Pressurized spray cans Once a month Transparent Hairspray, insecticide, tins, tabletop gas cartridges
Dry batteries Once a month Transparent Dry batteries
Plastic containers and packaging Once a week Transparent Plastic containers (cups, trays, and bottles), plastic bags, wrapping, etc.
Bottles, cans and PET bottles Once a week Transparent Empty bottles, empty cans, PET bottles, etc.
Branches, leaves, grass, and weed cutting Once a month Transparent Grass, fallen leaves, branches, etc.
Miscellaneous paper Once a fortnight Transparent Paper boxes, paper bags, postcards, letters, envelopes, etc. except cardboard boxes, newspapers or magazines
Bulky refuse Once a week Please arrange for collection by calling 011-281-8153. You will be informed of a reference number and cost of collection. Afterward, you may purchase the collection sticker, write the reference number on the sticker, stick it on the waste and put the waste at your collection point on the designated day.

Updated on   April 13, 2017