Research Press Release

Research Press Release | October 25, 2013
Structural analysis of immune cell receptors for an adjuvant that improves the effectiveness of vaccines
Research Press Release | October 22, 2013
Elucidation of a new activation regulation mechanism for the anti-viral factor interferon
Research Press Release | September 26, 2013
Optical microscope with sensitivity beating the limits of classical theory:harnessing quantum-engineered photons
Research Press Release | September 25, 2013
Novel material from Hokkaido: Successful mass production of fermented nanocellulose
Research Press Release | September 24, 2013
Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Nucleation Process in Supersaturated Vapor -The first direct comparison between laboratory experiments and molecular dynamics simulations-
Research Press Release | September 17, 2013
The first ever successful water oxidation with a near-infrared light irradiation
Research Press Release | September 13, 2013
Complete genome sequencing of the gammaproteobacterial endosymbiont of the scaly-foot gastropod (aka “kurosuke”), an armored snail that lives in deep-sea vents
Research Press Release | September 04, 2013
Climate warming shortens flowering period: Only two flowering genes predict flowering times with high accuracy
Research Press Release | August 27, 2013
Elucidation of the mechanism by which the hepatitis C virus evades the immune system
Research Press Release | August 26, 2013
Demonstration of an anti-obesity effect of recruited brown adipose tissue in humans