Obtaining a Visa for Your Family

If you wish to bring members of your immediate family to Japan (spouse or children), you must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for each family member in order to obtain a visa. Only those family members who will be staying in Japan for 90 days or longer are eligible to apply. A “Certificate of Eligibility” is not required for a period of 90 days or less.

Required Documents:

  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility. One application form is needed for each member of your family.
  • Proof of relationship (e.g. copy of marriage certificate or birth certificate)
  • Residence card (or a certificate showing application of a resident card or Alien registration card if still valid)
  • Proof of ability to support your family (e.g. Japanese Government Scholarship Certificate, receipt of other scholarship, proof of existing savings or funding source from your home country)
  • Certificate of Enrollment provided by Hokkaido University
  • Photographs for each family member (Standard 4×3 cm passport photo)

Please note:

  • You must apply before your visa expires. Applications are accepted up to three months beforehand.

  • You must apply in person.
  • When documents are written in a foreign language, they must be translated into Japanese.
  • The Regional Immigration Bureau may ask you to submit additional documents to the required documents listed above. Please contact the Immigration Bureau for further details.

Updated on   May 01, 2017