Life Sciences

Master’s and Doctoral Program in Life Sciences

“Training Program for Global Leaders in Life Sciences”

In these highly esteemed degree programs, students focus on advanced research areas in the field of Life Science with renowned academics at the forefront of their professions. Our courses have a creative curriculum where students encounter a variety of teaching staff coming from a wide range of research backgrounds in the field of life sciences. Recently in Life Sciences, convergence of different fields of science is advancing in the existing interdisciplinary field. Responding to these emerging trends, our teaching staff cover a wide range of research areas from basic biology through chemistry, physics, mathematics, medicine, and pharmacy. Based on the purpose of building up a world renowned research center for life sciences, this program is designed for both international students who wish to major in life sciences and have a wide research background, and Japanese students with a global perspective, who are eager to study in an international environment.

Greetings from Course Convenor Professor Jian Ping Pong, Professor, Graduate School of Life Science

“Welcome to the “Training Program for Global Leaders in Life Sciences.” This program aims to build and train world-class leaders in life sciences that can work at companies and institutes throughout the world. In this course, students are encouraged to plan and carry out international meetings to improve their ability to use English as an international communication tool, and also attend international conferences to develop presentation skills. We also require students to make proposals for competitive research funds and to submit papers to international journals. This enables them to have practical experience and be at the forefront of their research activities. We welcome you to apply to this amazing program and look forward to seeing you on campus.”

Choose your division!

Transdisciplinary Life Science Course:

Tissue and Polymer Sciences Laboratory/Laboratory of Soft & Wet Matter/Laboratory of Cell Dynamics/Laboratory of Advanced Chemical Biology/Laboratory of Protein Science/ Laboratory of X-ray Structural Biology/Laboratory of Smart Molecule/Laboratory of Biological Information Analysis Science/Innate Immunity Laboratory/Laboratory of Embryonic and Genetic Engineering/Laboratory of Single-Molecules System Biology/Laboratory of Molecular Cell Dynamics/Laboratory of Chemical Biology/Laboratory of Biomolecular Adaptation Science

Biosystems Science Course:

Laboratory of Molecular Interaction/Laboratory of Plant Morphology and Gene Function/Laboratory of Plant Evolutional and Developmental Biology/Laboratory of Gut Physiology/Biomedical Animal Research Laboratory/Laboratory of Cell function and Structure Ill/Laboratory of Environmental Molecular Bioscience/Laboratory of Gene Function and Regulation/Laboratory of Animal Genetics/Laboratory of Cell Structure and Function – (Yamaguchi & Sato Lab)/Laboratory of Cell Structure and Function – (Chiba Lab)/Laboratory of Cell Structure and Function (Takada Lab)/Laboratory of Molecular Biology/Laboratory of Plant Adaptation Biology/Laboratory of Behavioral Physiology/Laboratory of System Neurobiology/Laboratory of Behavior and Neurobiology- (Mizunami & Tanaka Lab)/Laboratory of Behavior and Neurobiology- (Soma Lab)/Laboratory of Behavioral and Neural Biology- (Matsushima Lab)/Laboratory of Molecular Neuroethology Laboratory/Laboratory of Neurocybernetics I Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Biology- (la)/Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Biology- (1 b)/Laboratory of A. Kuroiwa/Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Biology- (llb)/Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Biology- (1 c)


The usual time required to complete this degree is 2 years.

The usual time required to complete this degree is 3 years.

ADMISSION: April or October

ADMISSION: April or October

In order to obtain entry into the Master’s Course you MUST:
-Consult with a contact professor prior to submitting the application
-Hold a Bachelor’s degree

In order to obtain entry into the Doctoral Course you MUST:
-Consult with a contact professor prior to submitting the application
-Hold a Master’s degree

Find out what students think!

Abu Bin Ihsan (Bangladesh)

Training Program for Global Leaders in Life Sciences, 3rd year doctoral student, Graduate School of Life Sciences

“I feel really fortunate to get the opportunity to study this Life Science Course at Hokkaido University, one of the top ranking universities in Japan. Hokkaido is a great place to live and study where you can learn about nature from the viewpoint of material sciences based on physics and chemistry. I feel really privileged to experience pioneering research activity in Life Science for bio-medical application. This is certainly a university with high level research with a congenial working environment where you can utilize state of the art modern technologies to research demanding topics. I have lots more things I want to do here – HU makes me want to try my best and enjoy everything. I want to use my knowledge and experience for the sake of humanity and work in science to search for creative ideas and solutions. My dream is to create something that will amaze the world!!!”


Since each scholarship has different application procedures and eligibility requirements, please contact a prospective supervisor in advance of application.

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship:
This special graduate program is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT, Japan), and annually 8 international students for the doctoral course are issued a scholarship for 3 years through a highly competitive selection process. Apart from these special scholarship slots, other Japanese government scholarships such as Embassy recommendations and university recommendations (general slots) are also available.

Scholarships for Self-Supported Students:
Reservation Program for Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students by Pre-arrival Admission: a few students for master’s or doctoral course are issued for 6 months or 12 months. In addition, Hokkaido University English Program Support Grants are issued to 5 international students among the recipients of the above scholarship.

For detailed information on entry, please check the website here.

Updated on   January 24, 2019