Applying to Undergraduate Programs

The enrollment application guidelines for self-supported international students for the 2020 academic year have been released. Updated information about selection methods, application procedures, and admission procedures can be found at the link here.

2020 Application Acceptance Period 

1. Online registration period:  December 26th (Thurs.), 2019, 10:00 a.m. — January 6th (Mon.), 2020, 5:00 p.m.

2. Deadline for submitting required application materials after applying online:  January 8th (Weds.), 2020, 5:00 p.m.

Please note that Hokkaido University’s online registration website only operates during the online registration period: December 26th, 2019 — January 6th, 2020. 

Undergraduate Entry Details
Basic Entry Requirements Non-Japanese applicants must have completed at least 12 years of school education abroad or the equivalent as specified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
Enrollment April
Standard Course Duration Four years; or six years in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutical sciences and veterinary medicine.
Japanese Language Ability As lectures and examinations are given in Japanese, a high level of the Japanese language (around 2,000 kanji and 10,000 words) is necessary for entering a standard undergraduate program.
Degree Conferred Bachelor

Examination fee: ¥17,000 (remitted with application)

Entrance fee: ¥282,000 (paid before enrollment and during the period specified for enrollment procedures)

Tuition: ¥535,800 (paid twice a year; half in the first semester and paid after enrollment, and half in the second semester)

Entrance Examinations

All applicants must take the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students held by the Japan Student Services Organization (EJU) as well as Hokkaido University’s entrance examination for self-supported students.

Application Requirements

The basic requirements are:

  • the completion or the expected completion of 12 years of education overseas, or
  • being 18 years of age, or
  • holding an International Baccalaureate, Abitur or Baccalaureat de L’Enseignement du Second Degre.

Applicants must also take the subject tests specified by Hokkaido University that are included in the EJU, and meet the standards for admission to Hokkaido University. In addition, applicants are required to submit proof of their English language ability  in the form of test scores from the TOEFL, TOEIC, United Nations Associations Test of English, Cambridge Examination, Test in Practical English Proficiency, or other such tests.

  • First selection: screening based on the documents submitted
  • Second selection: interview (or interview and essay test)
Dates of Examinations
  • Application deadline: around January
  • First selection results and second selection screening: around February
  • Announcement of successful candidates: around March
  • Enrollment: April
  1. Applications are submitted through the online registration website.
  2. After submitting the application through the online registration website, supplementary documents must be sent by mail to arrive by the designated date. Please be advised that the supplementary documents must arrive by the deadline for the application to be considered. Please confirm the deadline and details on the website.

Updated on   October 01, 2019